what is impact tourism?

impact tourism is making strategic contributions of time, talent, and treasure to social and environmental projects in destinations. This includes tourism businesses, travelers, and organizations in partnership with host communities.

-Center for responsible travel (CREST)

let's develop and discuss best practices for impact tourism

Impact tourism is not about collecting loose change for charities. 


Rather, it is about integrating business and visitor support for local communities into the core definition of responsible travel.

the 2019 World tourism day forum will focus on successful travel giving programs for a wide range of businesses and destination types.


recognizing that doing good does not always mean doing right, the forum will also examine the downsides of inappropriately implemented travel giving and voluntourism programs.

The forum will trace the evolution of what was originally referred to as travelers' philanthropy into Impact tourism, which today represents a broad array of travel giving programs.

presentations and panels will feature both critical challenges and inspiring stories of impact.

Join us on world tourism day for this important discussion!